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Commonly Asked Questions

Feather Hair Extensions - Our Most Commonly Asked Questions

How do your hair feathers compare to others?

Feather My Head Hair Feather Extensions sells only premium grade feather hair extensions. We will not compromise quality. Our feathers are the best bred feathers from the Western Slopes of the Rocky Mountains in the USA. Please be aware there are different types, or grades, of saddles, and different farmers genetically breeding roosters. We purchase only quality, premium saddles that yield long feathers in a variety of widths. Simply put, inferior quality saddles produce cheap feathers, allowing cheap prices. Our feathers are premium grade salon quality.

Will the Colors On The Feather Extensions Fade?

Our feathers are hand dyed right here, at our location, with a professional, natural, mineral-based dye made for natural feathers. The colors will not fade or wash out.

What affects does chlorine and salt water have on feather extensions?

The feathers will respond to chlorine and salt water just as your own natural hair will. Depending on exposure to these conditions they may naturally fade.

Are these real feathers? What kind of feathers are they?

Feather My Head hair feathers are 100% natural real rooster feathers - guaranteed! They are selectively bred, all American feathers.


Featherhead Care

Can hair feathers be washed and curled?

Yes, all of our feathers can be treated as you now treat your own hair. You can curl, blow dry and flat iron up to 450 degrees.

How long hair feathers  last?

Feathers can last in your hair up to 4 months, depending on care and hair type. As your hair grows maintenance will be required. The extensions will need to be removed and reinstalled. Feather My Head hair Feathers are 100 percent reusable, and may be used over and over again when given the proper care and maintenance.

Can hair be colored with my feather extension in?

Yes, they can. Simply wrap the feathers in foil to prevent the hair dye from coming in contact with the feathers.

Do the feathers require special care?

Just like your own hair, feathers need to be treated with care. Use gentle care when brushing, especially at the root. Extra care needs to be given when removing hair ties as pulling on them can cause them to break.

How are Hair Feathers Attached?

The installation is quick and easy with the proper tools.  We sell a DIY Feather Kit which includes the beads to attach, looping tool and written instructions.

Do You Sell Wholesale Feather Hair Extensions?

Yes we do! We sell to Salons and Vendors in bulk.  Apply on our website for a wholesale account.

Can feathers be trimmed shorter?

Yes, but we recommended cutting them at the top, or purchasing feathers to suit your hair length, as we have a large selection of feather lengths to choose from.

Do you ship products internationally?

Yes, we ship to many countries daily. Our feathers are known worldwide and we have many repeat, happy and satisfied international clients.

We offer two methods of shipping: Fed Ex, UPS and first class ground. Fed Ex or UPS, is our recommended method of shipping for International orders. Shipping time typically takes 3-4 days, once shipped, with faster shipping times to most areas of France and Canada. Tracking is provided. First Class ground shipping time typically take 2-4 weeks. Tracking is not provided with this method, and is not recommend for large orders.

Will my international order be subject to duties and tariffs?

You, the customer are responsible for all extra delivery charges, duties, taxes, customs fees, and any other charges or fees that may be incurred by importing products into your country. We suggest you call your local customs office for more information on potential duties, taxes, charges or customs fees.