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Save Big with our discount variety packs of hair feathers.

Each pack will be unique and different and will vary in color, length, and width. Colors are random but are all from our large assortment of colors. Width of feathers will vary; feathers will be non-premium feathers, but we do let a few of our premium hair feathers slip in.

Feathers in these packs did not make it into our premium packs for one or all the following reasons

  • width
  • grizzly markings
  • color
  • discountinued color

Feathers are still very nice, but we are pretty picky about which feathers make it into our premium packs.

Our discounted premium packs have a wide range of uses

  • birthday parties
  • jewelry making
  • crafts
  • fair vendors
  • fundraisers
  • pets
  • fly tying

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